Consumer NZ inquiry reveals eye-watering prices for antihistamines

Allergy sufferers can slash their antihistamine bill in half by shopping around, a Consumer NZ investigation has found.

Hospitals shifted patients to meet ED targets, reports study

Wait times dropped after emergency department time targets were introduced but a report has found some hospitals shuffled patients around just to meet the target.

Popular pregnancy treatment to prevent prem births a waste of time: new study

A popular hormone treatment given to pregnant women to stop them having their babies too early does not work and is a waste of time, a new study has found.

Vitamin-mineral treatment could help ADHD kids

A vitamin-mineral treatment could help kids with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Kiwi-led research suggests.

Radiotherapy hope for prostate cancer

A targeted form of radiotherapy can cure prostate cancer in men whose disease was previously thought to be incurable, research suggests.

Brushing away Whanganui children’s bad teeth with new study

Whanganui is leading the way with a study that aims to revolutionise the way decay in children's teeth is combated.

$1m NZ study to boost new cancer-killing treatment

New Kiwi-led research could help realise the powerful promise of a new type of cancer treatment.

Bowel disease linked to lack of sun

Rates of debilitating inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease among South Island children are up to three times higher than their North Island counterparts, the first New Zealand prevalence study has found.

Are Whanganui’s silver birch trees causing asthma?

Silver birch trees are being cut down from a Whanganui residential street after complaints that they may be causing asthma.

New NZ research investigates mental illness and heart disease link

With one in three Kiwis with major cardiovascular illness suffering from depression, new research at Victoria University of Wellington will investigate the link between depression, anxiety and heart disease.


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