Live well, stay well, get well… die well?

With the baby boomer generation ageing fast, it is projected that number of deaths in New Zealand’s will jump 50 per cent within two decades. Is our stretched, ‘death-denying’ health system ready for the steep upswing in demand for palliative and end-of-life care? Not yet, finds FIONA CASSIE.

Hungry ghosts no more: nourishing the souls of early Chinese miners in New Zealand

The shared links between Māori and Chinese communities, including a mutual respect for their ancestors and a determination to do the right thing by their dead, are explored by staff reporter JAYLAN BOYLE.

Doctors and nurses on good deaths, bad deaths, and assisted dying

Medically assisted dying polarises the health professions. FIONA CASSIE asks some health professionals for their views on what is a good or bad death.

Māori death practices positively influencing wider society

Ria Earp talks to staff reporter Jaylan Boyle about the influence of Māori death customs on all New Zealanders. This interview with the Māori cultural advisor to Hospice New Zealand, who is also a former Deputy Director-General Māori Health, is the last of our Death Series features.


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