Bullying within the nursing sector

Nurses experience some of the highest rates of bullying within the healthcare sector. Now Massey University researchers have identified key skills and attributes that help managers deal with workplace bullying. REBEKAH FRASER spoke to Dr Kate Blackwood, who was involved in the study.

A revolution needed in primary health, nurse leader tells NPs

Professor Jenny Carryer told last week’s Nurse Practitioners New Zealand conference that revolution not evolution was needed to fix the broken primary health system.

Passionate nurse practitioner advocate and scholar honoured

Dr Michal Boyd – a tireless advocate for nurse practitioners, the elderly and a leading aged care researcher – was honoured with a special award at the recent Nurse Practitioners New Zealand conference.

Aged-care residents open-up about living well

What gives older people meaning and happiness in aged-care? A young nursing student has been exploring this question.

Rapid growth in NP numbers continue

After a slow start the number of nurse practitioners is now growing at the rate of 25-30 per cent a year, the biennial Nurse Practitioners New Zealand Conference was told.

Minister calls for DHBs to support NP pathways

Health Minister Dr David Clark made no budget commitments after hearing nurse practitioners calls for more training support but said he would be asking DHBs to take a more ‘strategic approach’ to NP employment.

Nurse Practitioner workforce growth “not fast enough” for Minister’s liking

Health Minister Dr David Clark sees Nurse Practitioners as playing an important role in helping Government meet its health targets.

Nurses are the Kiwi Heroes of new campaign

Mobile phone provider 2degrees is recognising the efforts of 48,000 nurses in New Zealand who dedicate their time to helping others in their community, with the launch of an exclusive new mobile plan.

Health Central partners with College of Nurses

Health Central is delighted to announce a special new partnership with College of Nurses Aotearoa New Zealand.

ChalkTalks: Nurses must be at centre of decisions about end of life choice, says...

New Zealand Nurses’ Organisation’s Kerri Nuku was a panel member of Health Central’s ChalkTalks panel discussion on the End of Life Choice Bill and said nurses must be included in any legislation and conversation that involves end of life care.



Sponsored: Why the mitochondria are becoming the next big health topic

Health consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of cellular dysfunction when it comes to healthy aging and managing health issues