Brien Cree: Investing in talent

Managing Director, Radius Care BRIEN CREE says we shouldn't let a lack of formal training and qualifications get in the road of drive, initiative and a can-do approach to work.

Opinion: Mark Rouse – Unintended Consequence or Government Dishonesty?

Mark Rouse believes there is a funding crisis in the Aged Residential Care sector where operators are obliged to observe a raft of necessary and ever-increasing compliance costs, while Government funding is not doing nearly enough to keep pace with the changes. He puts the case here for a change in attitude by the Government, essential to ensure that the market provides choice and will not be solely populated by large corporate operators.

Jacqui de Ruiter: Where are the women in abortion law-reform discussion?

Jacqui de Ruiter says if there's going to be a conversation about abortion, let it be open and honest.

Opinion: Dr Tracy Chandler – Medical Board of Australia’s proposal threatens patient choice of...

Dr Tracy Chandler (aka Dr Wellness) is concerned about the Medical Board of Australia’s proposals to limit patient choice of healthcare.

Opinion: Ian Powell – Leadership needed on safe staffing

Association of Salaried Medical Specialists Executive Director Ian Powell believes the Health Minister needs to show consistent leadership over safe staffing in the health workforce.

Opinion: Jenny Carryer – why do nurses feel undervalued? Let me count the ways…

In a year where nursing grievances made headlines, Professor Jenny Carryer reflects on the long and ongoing struggle for nursing to be heard.

Opinion: Miles Williams – the ethical argument for legalising euthanasia

Cardiologist Miles Williams considers what is a good death and argues why he believes it is time for medicine and society to accept the option of assisted dying as part of an inevitable evolution in human rights.

Response: Claims that 5G is damaging to our health are misleading

This is in response to Dr Tracy Chandler's recent article about 5G which expressed concerns that 5G could be damaging to our health. In my anaesthetic training we covered physics and electromagnetic spectrum. Non-ionising radiation is of the...

Opinion: Simon Wallace – Herald rest home series not the whole picture

New Zealand Aged Care Association chief executive SIMON WALLACE says the Herald's rest home investigation series doesn't give the whole picture.

Opinion: Claire Terblanche – the tortuous path for overseas GP to become NZ GP

An experienced South African GP shares the frustration of reading of New Zealand’s GP shortages when she and her colleagues can face years of waiting before they can practice.


Opinion: Dr Tracey Chandler – Health pregnancy optimisation tips (for you,...

Whilst pregnancy is an exciting time for most, it does take some planning to keep both you and baby well. Ideally you would see...

Opinion: Hope is the key


Psychological support for the wellbeing of Frontline healthcare workers during the...

Sponsored article chnnl (pronounced channel), an app which anonymously tracks employee mental wellbeing, is helping healthcare providers across New Zealand provide psychological support for the...