Lee Suckling: The New Zealand city that makes me SAD

When the shortest day – which was this past Saturday, 22 June – comes upon New Zealand each year, my mood slumps. During the month or so around this whole period, I feel low. It's...

Response: Claims that 5G is damaging to our health are misleading

This is in response to Dr Tracy Chandler's recent article about 5G which expressed concerns that 5G could be damaging to our health. In my anaesthetic training we covered physics and electromagnetic spectrum. Non-ionising radiation is of the...

Nurses’ and teachers’ settlements: a brief comparison

As this is being written, voting has just started for primary school teachers who are members of NZEI on their proposed settlement of June 2019. Inevitably, comparisons are being made by some between the...

Opinion: Jenny Carryer – calling on NPs to resuscitate an over-burdened health system

Professor Jenny Carryer says Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are a cost-effective form of service delivery and must be granted the time, space and autonomy to deliver the exact type of care and approach for which they are educated.

Opinion: Dr Tracy Chandler – 5G, there’s nowhere to hide!

Our health is more important than having cars that talk to each other or faster movie downloads, states Dr Tracy Chandler (aka Dr Wellness) who says we should be wary of 5G.

Opinion: Dr Tracy Chandler – Parenting 101

GP and mum of seven, Dr Tracy Chandler (aka Dr Wellness) shares her top parenting tips.

Opinion: Dr Mark Jones – The plague cometh!

Former Chief Nurse and Head of Massey University School of Nursing Dr Mark Jones writes in response to the Education Minister’s recent ‘pro-plague’ comments made in reference to anti-vaxxers in Northland.

Opinion: Dr Tracy Chandler – Medical Board of Australia’s proposal threatens patient choice of...

Dr Tracy Chandler (aka Dr Wellness) is concerned about the Medical Board of Australia’s proposals to limit patient choice of healthcare.

Opinion: Dr Tracy Chandler – ‘Mis-management’ of abnormal labs in conventional medicine

Dr Tracy Chandler (aka Dr Wellness) says integrative medicine individualises treatment based on the patients’ symptoms as well as their laboratory ‘score’.

Opinion: Jenny Carryer – The endless challenge

Professor Jenny Carryer says the rhetoric we have heard for the past 20 years about the need to find new ways of doing things and to utilise the workforce differently is right on point.


Opinion: Dr Tracey Chandler – Health pregnancy optimisation tips (for you,...

Whilst pregnancy is an exciting time for most, it does take some planning to keep both you and baby well. Ideally you would see...

Opinion: Hope is the key


Psychological support for the wellbeing of Frontline healthcare workers during the...

Sponsored article chnnl (pronounced channel), an app which anonymously tracks employee mental wellbeing, is helping healthcare providers across New Zealand provide psychological support for the...