By: Alice Lock

Jenay Danks (left), event organiser Rebecca Finlayson and Louise Gilmour check some of the clothing for the swap. Photo/ Warren Buckland

Clothing will be scattered across the tables and new wardrobes will be created next weekend in support of multiple sclerosis sufferers.

The Hawke’s Bay Multiple Sclerosis Society is putting on a clothing swap, a chance for women to get together and have a “true ladies night”.

Board member and organiser Rebecca Finlayson staged a clothing swap two years ago for her mum, who has MS, and decided to do one with the society.

“Everyone loves op shopping so this is just a big version of it. Everything will be thrown on the tables and when the bell rings people can just go for it. It is all about shopping, hunting, gathering, rummaging and racing as you don’t want to miss out.”

People can bring five to 10 pieces of good-quality clothing, ranging from tops, bottoms, jeans, jackets and dresses.

The clothing swap will also include raffles featuring beauty, dinner and movie vouchers and there will be a cash bar running throughout the evening.

They are also hoping to have a band play during the event.

The Hawke’s Bay Multiple Sclerosis Society is a small, not for profit organisation and relies on fundraising events. There are currently 130 members and their families who the society support and Ms Finlayson said they hoped to raise about $2000 next weekend.

“We offer so much support through information, education and workshops and the money raised goes towards helping these families affected day to day.”

Multiple sclerosis is a progressive disease of the central nervous system that affects movement, sensation and body functions. Symptoms vary in each person from movement problems, vision problems, bladder problems, fatigue, speech difficulties, depression, weakness, shaking of hands, swallowing problems and paralysis.

The event takes place on Saturday, September 30, at the Napier Sailing Club.

Tickets are on sale and cost $15 each or $60 for five. Tickets can be purchased by contacting Ms Finlayson on 027 779 3777. People can also check out their Facebook page.

Source: Hawke’s Bay Today


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