Q: Tell us a little about your role?

A: I am Managing Director for Tunstall Australasia Pty Ltd.  I am responsible for the overall strategic direction and operational management of the business for the Tunstall Group APAC region, including Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Q: What is your vision?

A: To help as many people as possible to live as healthy as they can, and for as long as they wish in a place of their choice.

Q:  How is connected healthcare enabling people to live longer, happier and healthier lives in their own homes?

A: Our connected healthcare solutions ensure that not only will help arrive in your hour of need, but 24 hours a day all year round we are there to help no matter what your situation.  Our smart home technologies and caring staff provide that added reassurance that helps people remain confident and safe, enabling independence to live in a place of their choice or just go about their daily life.

Responding to falls is a large part of our role, and getting help quickly is key to ensuring recovery from a fall and reducing hospital stays.  Social interaction and knowing someone is at the end of the line is often something we hear from our clients as being important to them.  We take and make millions of calls, not only from our clients, but also their families and friends.  Our solutions give family and friends the added reassurance that their loved one is safe and they will know their situation at any time should it change.

Q: Do you have any family members who use products or services to help them remain healthy and independent?

A:  Yes – my mother has all the Tunstall services possible – a medical alarm, to help her feel safe and help my father feel reassured that she is always supported, whether he is with her or ‘playing bowls’ (his favourite pastime).  She also is fully supported with our connected health solution and nursing support.  We monitor her chronic disease of diabetes and comorbidities and together help her control her diet, medication and vital signs.

Q: What is Tunstall doing to lead the way in connected healthcare?

A: For over 61 years Tunstall has been a pioneer in the connected healthcare market. We ensure that we remain ahead of the market by investing more that 5% of our revenue annually in to research and development as a group globally. Here in Australia we have pioneered App development with the introduction of myMobile Health App for Tunstall’s connected health platform ICP, and developed the myCareTrack App for our Lone Worker platform. We were also the first to integrate video conferencing with remote vital-sign monitoring.

Tunstall Group have recognized that the pace of technology is changing rapidly so we are developing an interface platform to enable new technologies to integrate quickly and seamlessly in to our connected healthcare platforms. This will enable Tunstall to offer a wider range of support services for our customers and their clients via the latest technology be it an in-home device, an App, a wearable, or a new medical device. Data analytics are at the forefront of our newest Evity platform, using artificial intelligence (AI) technology we will be able to predict the development of potential risks through combined health and activity data and trend analysis. Imagine we could identify an increased risk of a fall or a health exacerbation, this will be a powerful tool that our customers can use to take preventative care of their clients and keep them out of hospital. Tunstall actively listens to our staff and our customers taking on board feedback, suggestions and ideas to improve our products, systems and services. Our customers’ needs and desires along with the advances in technology help shape Tunstall’s future direction.

Q: As a CEO, tell us how you empower the wider Tunstall team.

A: Living and modelling our values.  Sounds cliché, but integral to really providing leadership that people can respect and follow. Giving people a voice, facilitating opportunities whereby individuals can participate in important decision making and contribute to the plan. Giving people the opportunity to learn and develop.  I believe the key to empowerment is knowledge, learning and getting experienced at what you do.  Recognising and appreciating success, teams and individuals who really are the drivers underpinning our success. Taking a serious approach to improvement, solving problems, not letting issues drag on, recognising our weaknesses and doing everything I can to ensure we continue to get better and better at what we do. Empowerment is also about being informed. It is my role to communicate often, keep people informed, ensure there is a free flow of information and never forgetting that communicating from the chair, via email cannot replace the value of face to face communications as well.  Having a good mix and regularly communicating is key to keeping people informed.


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