The Pure Food Co, a rapidly growing New Zealand company on a mission to boost nutrition by creating fortified food for healthy ageing, has welcomed new investors John Penno and Maury Leyland Penno.

Founder of Synlait, John and former executive of Fonterra, Maury are expected to bring expertise and experience that will enable the company to embark on its global growth strategy. John will join as the Chair of Board of Directors and Maury will join as a key advisor.

The Pure Food Co was co-founded by Sam Bridgewater and Maia Royal in 2013 after Sam watched his stepdad struggle with an illness that made it impossible for him to eat.

“The emotional impact set me off on a journey of discovery about how other people with these challenges were coping and how we could help,” said Sam. “New Zealanders deserve the very best food on offer and we wanted to make that accessible to everyone, especially older people.”

After further research, The Pure Food Co found that almost a quarter of older people are malnourished, which could be overcome by provision of the right food.

“We’re thrilled to have John and Maury on board,” said Maia. “Their investment, expertise and knowledge of the primary sector and high value nutrition is unparalleled and will enable us to expand our business offering in both New Zealand and overseas, which will enhance and improve quality of life for our consumers.”

John and Maury are excited to join The Pure Food Co as they see a global need in adult nutrition.

“We share Sam and Maia’s vision of enhancing the quality of life of people by providing the best quality NZ food that is highly nutritious,” said John. “Having worked in the primary sector where we’ve been adding the value of nutrition to good food already, we see huge potential in providing highly nutritious food for vulnerable consumers, especially the older population. The Pure Food Co is doing just this.”

“We’re excited to come on board at such a pivotal time to join this innovative company meeting such an important societal need,” said Maury.

Developed at the Food Bowl, before setting up their 600-sqm facility in Mount Wellington, Auckland, The Pure Food Co supplies food to over 75 percent of hospitals, eight of the largest aged care networks and the two largest food service companies in New Zealand.

The Pure Food Co brings together a team of leading healthcare and food experts, including a dietitian, chef and food technologist to create innovative food solutions.

“Since launch, our customers have experienced positive health outcomes – weight maintenance, increased weight, reduced pressure injuries and falls, and increased meal satisfaction. The food is making a real difference to the quality of life for New Zealanders,” said Maia.


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