Tinder sent out a message to all New Zealand users of the dating app on March 31, asking users to respectfully stay quarantined, and not to meet any potential matches at this time.

The dating app also says that they have seen more messaging and longer conversations between matches in areas most impacted by COVID-19.

“We hope to be a place for connection during this challenging time, but it’s important to stress that now is not the time to meet in real life with your match.”

This comes at a time when many Kiwis are compliant with the COVID-19 regulations, there has still been enforcement necessary from New Zealand Police.

Police are able question why people are out of their homes, and whether they are in their local area.

With 600 coronavirus confirmed cases now in New Zealand, the message from dating app Tinder is aligned with that of the Ministry of Health and the Government; “keeping yourself safe and healthy helps to keep everyone in our community safe and healthy too.”

Tinder will be updating its users regularly as the COVID-19 pandemic changes.



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