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Alzheimers New Zealand video discusses dementia. For dementia support call 0800 004 001. / Alzheimers New Zealand

A touching note a daughter wrote for her mum with dementia has gone viral, leaving people opening up about the tragic realities of loving someone with the condition, that causes debilitating memory loss.

The heartwarming “words of reassurance” lovingly scrawled on a whiteboard were recently shared on Reddit.

The list included reminders for her elderly and forgetful mum that told her, “Your meals are paid for”, “You don’t owe anyone any money”, and “You haven’t upset anyone”.

The sign was then placed in a spot her confused mum could see it whenever she struggled with her memory, reported.

“A simple white board left in her sight line in her sitting room helped to reduce constant anxious phone calls,” the post read.

It didn’t take long for the comments to pour in where people dubbed it both “sweet” and “heartbreaking”.

A heartwarming note left for a dementia patient by her daughter has gone viral. Photo / Reddit

Mostly it struck a cord with those who’ve witnessed their own loved ones living with the dementia — the overall term that describes a group of symptoms associated with a decline in memory.

“Having worked with many dementia patients I’ve seen the constant anxiety that some of them get and would not wish that on my worst enemy,” one user wrote.

“This reminds me of my great grandmother that suffers from dementia. It is so hard not to cry but I try my best not to,” someone replied.

Another said: “This hits close to home … for the last few years of my dad’s life, we would have these conversations like this, where he would worry about these things.”

While it’s not known who shared the image, it appears to be another caregiver of the elderly woman.

The Alzheimers NZ report released in late 2017 estimates there has been a 29 per cent jump in the number of people with dementia over the past five years, from 50,000 in 2011 to 60,000 in 2016 – 1.3 per cent of the population.

Aged care costs currently account for just over half of dementia-related costs.

Earlier this month it was reported a hormone released during exercise may protect the brain against Alzheimer’s disease.

Source: NZ Herald


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