Jonathan Coleman believes the Government hasn’t told DHB’s what they can expect in the budget because it can’t deliver on its promises. (Photo/ Getty)

The Opposition is accusing the Labour Party of over-promising, as District Health Boards wait for direction on changes of funding.

DHBs generally receive a funding signal from the Government ahead of the budget.

However, it was revealed in select committee last week that it hasn’t happened yet.

National’s health spokesperson Jonathan Coleman says the Government is stalling because it can’t deliver on its promises.

“The new Minister has not issued any direction to the DHBs to do anything different and despite having a mini-budget they haven’t committed any extra cent to help.”

Mr Coleman thinks it shows the Minister has no plan and no more funding to allocate.

“He hasn’t told the DHBs to do anything differently, despite all the complaints he had about the health system – so it’s actually the DHB is still working to the old Government’s plan,” Mr Coleman says.

Source: Newstalk ZB


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