I received a referral from a local bank. A client had discovered her daughter had taken all of her money from her account. She was very upset and had agreed to the referral.

I met ‘Mary’ at the bank. Mary has failing eyesight and had given her daughter signing authority and a card for her account so she could assist her with paying bills. Without her knowledge or consent her daughter had taken all of the money in her account. She was very anxious about her automatic payments being declined, as well as feeling devastated by her daughter’s betrayal.

Mary’s daughter lived with her and had recently had her boyfriend move in. Neither were contributing to household expenses. In addition the daughter’s boyfriend was very controlling and had physically abused both Mary and her daughter. She was fearful of him; despite his own abuse, he was likely to disapprove of Mary’s daughter’s theft and she was concerned about her daughter’s safety should he find out she had stolen her money. Initially she declined any intervention, although she agreed to cancelling her daughter’s card and authority at the bank – thereby preventing further access.

After some time and several interactions where we were able to implement some safety measures, Mary eventually agreed to Residential Placement. Her daughter had moved on and she sold her property. She has enjoyed her time at the rest home and has been able to use her money as she wished.


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