A new initiative is set to help address the rapidly increasing number of injuries caused by accidents across Auckland each year.

The number of accident claims in the Auckland region has increased 35% over the past decade, with the cost to treat active claims now approaching $1bn annually.

According to new data from ACC, more than 339,000 claims were received for accidents in Auckland homes last year. Homes are the most likely place to have an accident with almost half (46%) of the more than 740,000 injuries across the region occurring there – significantly ahead of sports & recreation areas, public roads and commercial/industrial workplaces.

Soft tissue injuries such as sprains and contusions are the most commonly reported followed by lacerations and fractures or dislocated joints. There have also been more than 8,700 claims for burns and 282 amputations in the past 12 months.

Injuries to children aged under 15 made up almost a third (29%) of accident claims in the region with an additional 12% among those aged 65+.

West Auckland households will now benefit from a charitable initiative which will see 70,000 first aid kits provided at no cost to all homes in the region from the start of February.

The comprehensive kits are designed to help treat some of the most common forms of injury and will be donated to the region by The Trusts West Auckland at a cost of more than $680,000.

Trusts CEO Simon Wickham says while there has been an overhaul to the health & safety regulations that cover our place of employment, our home remains the most likely place an accident will occur.

“Auckland’s population is around 1.66 million, which means in the past year there was a injury claim for every 2.2 people in the region – and this is just a measure of the accidents for which a claim was filed.

“It is our hope that the offer of a quality first aid kit provided at no cost will mean thousands of people in the West Auckland region will now be better equipped to deal with an accident if it occurs in their home,” he says.

Wickham says The Trusts have also supplied free smoke alarms to households in their catchment area and have donated millions of dollars to local charities.



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