A survey about the Funded Family Care and Paid Family Care policies operated by the Ministry of Health and District Health Boards is open until 6pm, Friday 26 October. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Since the introduction of Funded Family Care five years ago, there have been strong calls from many families and organisations for it to be changed. There has been Court action by families, petitions, and complaints about the policy, legislation and how it works. The Government is working to resolve as many of these issues as possible.

Anyone can fill in the survey but the views and experiences of family, whānau or aiga carers who care for a family member with a disabling condition are particularly valuable. Others who might support these carers (e.g. another family member, provider of home and community support services) are also encouraged to complete it.

The findings from the survey will help the Ministry of Health advise the Ministers on improved ways of supporting family carers who might want, need or get FFC now and in the future.

A survey informing the Carers’ Strategy Action Plan 2019 to 2023 is also underway, closing on 31 October.

This survey is for anyone who supports a friend or member of their family/whānau who needs help with everyday living as a result of an injury, health condition, frailty or disability. The focus of this survey is not on the paid-professional workforce.

The purpose is to provide an opportunity for carers to share their experiences of providing care, how this impacts their lives, and what things work for them or make it harder.


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