Distilleries in New Zealand are making the move from spirits to hand sanitiser in an effort to keep up with shortages. One of those distilleries is Good George Brewing, in Hamilton.

As the country moves into Level Alert Two, more Kiwis are stockpiling cleaning products – including hand sanitiser. Supermarkets across the country have placed a ‘two product per customer’ limit on hand sanitiser, creating a market for distilleries such as Good George Brewery to create their own, Kiwi-made sanitiser.

Having tried to buy hand sanitiser for his own team unsuccessfully, Jason Macklow, Good George Brewery owner said it was time to create his own. Already well into distilling whiskey – he found that ‘desperate times called for desperate measures’ and moved into the hand sanitiser business to help his team, his customers and his local region.

“We want to keep it local, affordable and accessible to anyone who needs it” says Macklow, although after the first batch Good George brewing is unsure as to whether the sanitiser can stay free.

Macklow, says the first batch of 1000L will be ready today. It will also be free of charge and will be provided to everyone in the Good George team. This means that customers and Hamilton locals will be able to access hand sanitiser without having to head to the supermarket.

“We know our company isn’t going to be able to solve the hand sanitiser in New Zealand, but we’ll still try and do our bit to help. Our goal is to continue making as much as possible as fast as possible.” Macklow says.




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