Kiwi advocacy group ‘Mesh down under’ say regulators here should follow their counterparts in Australia and ban surgical mesh. (Photo: Stock xchnge)

The Government’s being urged to ban surgical mesh for women’s pelvic prolapses after an Australian regulator banned them from being used.

Kiwi group, Mesh Down Under, is a group of women who’ve been injured by the controversial medical material which can cause serious pain.

Spokesperson Carmel Berry says now that the Australia medical regulator has banned it, Medsafe should seriously review their own policy.

Ms Berry said the group has petitioned the Health Select Committees for years, but now they’ve got a very authoritative voice on their side.

“They didn’t have the evidence from another regulator [so] they just couldn’t act on it. So yeah, it’s a game changer”.

Berry said regulators here should follow their counterparts.

“It’s exciting news for the women of the world who’ve suffered so greatly and for validating something that we’ve been saying for years, it’s now being recognised by a regulator”

Source: Newstalk ZB


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