One year ago we launched And what a year it’s been!

We spotted a need for a responsive site that gave people a place to voice their views as well as keep them updated with all that’s happening in the health world with feature and news items. We decided to supplement strong original articles with opinion pieces and carefully selected health content from the Herald, Newstalk ZB, Nursing Review, INsite and other NZME publications. And it’s proved a winning formula.

Health Central has run alongside an extremely busy 12 months in health. Launching just as New Zealand had a change of government we’ve been there to follow and be part of the reforms, budget announcements, debate and discussion affecting different areas of the health sector.

Here are some of the highlights from our first year:

Feature series on death and dying

In an in-depth eight-part feature series, Health Central’s death series explored the health aspects of death and dying in New Zealand, including a closer look at the assisted dying legislation and the realities of palliative care. It was incredibly well received and sparked much discussion about this inevitable and important topic.

Workforce issues

There has been considerable unrest in some corners of the health workforce, notably nursing and midwifery. The aged care workforce is also facing a shortage of staff due to rigid immigration settings. Health Central’s ongoing coverage and analysis of the relevant policy decisions, negotiations and industrial action continues to attract great reader engagement.


Health Central is proving a popular home for people to have their say on health matters. On topics ranging from ethnic bias, to a doctor’s frustration, to workforce issues, to the merits of integrative medicine, we’ve published a number of opinion pieces that have really got people talking, especially on our social media channels.

No doubt these discussions will continue, and new topics will emerge. We look forward to seeing Health Central continuing to grow and evolve as it enters its second year.

To our readers: thank you. A site like Health Central would not amount to anything without its supporters. We have appreciated your engagement, your opinion pieces, your article ideas, and your feedback.

But for now, please excuse us: we have a candle on our birthday cake to blow out!

See the full set of featured articles on our special ‘One Year On’ section.


  1. Well yes, Happy Birthday, dear Health Central. I do admit I read all your articles every week with much interest. I have just now looked through the 11 articles, representing what you state are the “highlights of the past 12 months”. Those eleven articles drew a total of 6 comments (three of which came from the article about difficulties for overseas GPs to gain jobs in New Zealand).

    Just how did you come to pick these 11 articles as “highlights”? Your yardstick for this certainly could not be based on the number of comments which was zero in eight of the eleven articles.

    • Hi Andy
      While comments are great for engagement amongst readers and we always encourage readers to have their say, it’s not something we use as a measure.
      We go off a collection of things, mostly page views and other such analytics we collect and analyse. We also look at how each story engages an audience through both our weekly newsletter and social media platforms.


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