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Contacting a retirement village is, in many instances, the first enquiry people make when thinking about the transition to assisted living.

Managers need to ensure a potential prospect’s information is being captured.  The first impression is the most important to potential clients.

eCase Retirement Village Software, by Health Metrics, provides a built in waitlist and admission system to ensure operators can maximize the occupancy of their village.  Quotes can be generated based on client’s requirements (buying or rental) which then become automatically generated contracts should prospects’ transition to become clients.

“eCase has been specifically designed to manage entry fees, Deferred Management Fees and exit fees, allowing managers the ability to understand the financial position of their properties at anytime”, says Health Metrics CEO, Steven Strange.

The functionality of the software provides oversight of maintenance and operating costs of multiple properties within a retirement village. With a detailed asset registry, eCase provides calculation of ongoing costs and depreciating assets. As residents of Retirement Villages may require to spend short times in Residential Aged Care facilities, eCase allows for dual and triple status clients, and has a Single Client Record Architecture that integrates across all modes of care, or can integrate with other software programs if required.

“eCase can support a client that is in an Retirement Village, receiving Home Care services and moves in and out of Respite within a Residential Aged Care facility. This is unique to eCase software,” says Strange.

eCase has a Home Care module that integrates with its Retirement Village software

Unlike other software, eCase runs ‘live’, providing managers with access to real-time data and insights into their Retirement Village business at anytime. Managers can review occupancy status, running costs and identify opportunities and issues at anytime; allowing decision-making based on the most current, up to the minute data.

Optional care components can provide operators with clinical tracking and medication management (amongst other things).

Health Metrics CEO Steven Strange says “decision support and business intelligence are not exclusively for executives.  The aim of our software is to provide decision support for staff at every level.  One day in the future we’ll laugh about how once upon a time, ‘business intelligence’ and ‘decision management’ were the sole purview of executives”.

In an era when understanding the consumer is critical, eCase’s built in waitlist functionality allows operators to understand data regarding enquiries, transitions and movements of clients, providing a platform upon which expansion plans can be solidly made.

Tammy Sherwood of Health Metrics will be exhibiting their software at Stand 13 at the RVA conference.

Tammy Sherwood

Group Engagement Manager
Health Metrics
Mobile: 0413 451 153

Delegates are welcome to book a demonstration


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