Retirement villages across New Zealand are part of the focus of this year’s BNZ’s Closed for Good volunteer day, which will see 2,500 BNZ staff leave their day jobs and head out into their communities today.

Closed for Good, now in its ninth year, is the nation’s largest single volunteering day, with the bank closing its offices and branches so its staff can spend time in their communities. This year, BNZ staff are focusing on pre-schools, high-schools, and retirement villages across the country.

BNZ chief executive Angie Mentis says it is important to help New Zealanders develop a sound understanding of how to look after their finances.

“That’s why getting our people out into their local communities to improve our collective financial literacy is so important.”

BNZ staff will work with seniors, using their banking smarts to help older Kiwis improve their financial know-how, as well as using digital tools tailor-made for this age group.

While the Scam Savvy programme helps older New Zealanders spot and avoid scams, an Internet Banking Demo will also help them become more confident using on-line banking.

The BNZ Scam Savvy programme has been developed to help them identify, report and avoid a range of scams, taking them through a comprehensive Q&A which reveals commonly used scamming tactics.

The Internet Banking Demo enables them to become more confident with the ins and outs of online banking, using virtual cash as they practise transactions.

“The best way to help older people avoid falling victim to scams is to give them more skills and more confidence. Fraudsters can be quite sophisticated and it’s easy to be caught out. Scam Savvy is a safe way for people to learn about common tactics used by scammers, and gain awareness, skills, and experience to help them avoid trouble in future,” says Mentis.

The day is also being supported by Frances Valintine, who founded The Mind Lab and is one of New Zealand’s foremost digital educators.

“It’s all about designing tools that are appropriate for each age group, and helping people explore different real-life scenarios to see where their decisions can lead them.”

The range of digital and interactive tools are now freely available online and have been created by BNZ in collaboration with partners including the Retirement Villages Association.

For BNZ’s Scam Savvy programme, visit For the internet banking demo, head to  


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