Abortions have risen slightly for the first time in the past 12 years, mostly in Auckland.

The Abortion Supervisory Committee says that’s only among people aged 25-to-35.

It raises questions about Auckland, when rates continue to drop in other growing populations like Otago and Southland.

Committee chair Dame Linda Holloway was asked if housing might be having an effect.

“It’s wrong to speculate but I suspect that housing or a lack of it is one factor that impinges on the health of women in the reproductive age groups.”

Last year, the committee called for a south Auckland clinic with services currently only available centrally.

Chair Professor Dame Linda Holloway says questions about the proposal, should be directed to Auckland DHBs.

“They said they would talk about it but nothing’s happened. It’s frustrating for the women of south Auckland.”

Andrew Little, the Minister considering abortion law reform, agrees with the assessments around socioeconomic pressures.

“The level of homelessness in New Zealand is totally unacceptable, and that’s why this Government is determined to do something about it.”

Source: Newstalk ZB


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