Former New Zealander of the year Dr Lance O’Sullivan has slammed the health system, saying he’s enraged at seeing “another brown kid” die in New Zealand.

In an expletive laden online post, he says the three recent meningitis deaths in Northland have set him off, but his frustration had been brewing for a long time.

The Government is now considering calling in the army to help Northland District Health Board run dozens of meningococcal vaccine clinics.

O’Sullivan says he’s ashamed at being part of a broken health system and angry at some of the incompetent officials that worked in it.

His comments have been backed up by talkback callers to Andrew Dickens Afternoons.

Several callers have revealed their experiences with doctors not diagnosing patients properly or relying on Google to get their information.

One caller revealed how her daughter has only been out of med school for one week but has already been put in charge of 40 patients on one ward.

Another caller revealed that his 11-month old daughter died just ten weeks ago while in the care of the local DHB.

He says that doctors were withholding treatment and making assumptions about his daughter.

The former New Zealander of the year has revealed how disappointed he is with ‘incompotent officials’. LISTEN to the Talkback feedback here.

Source: Newstalk ZB


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