Lung Foundation New Zealand is promoting an important new campaign, New Normal Same Cancer, together with a number of other leading cancer patient organisations.

The purpose of #NewNormalSameCancer is to remind everyone that cancer doesn’t wait for Covid-19.

We urge patients, to not delay investigating symptoms, or skip check-ups and other healthcare appointments. We too are advising patients to promptly re-book missed appointments to minimise the time between diagnosis and active treatment/s.

View the New Normal Same Cancer platform, which went live late last week.

Resources available

LFNZ is ever mindful that GPs have traditionally had a low index of suspicion of lung cancer symptoms, so they are promoting awareness of the following resources available to healthcare providers and consumers:



  1. My husband coughed every morning and night without fail. He had exrays, throat and nose specialists, nothing showed up. Towards the end he lost heaps of weight which I thought was a sympton from what I read, I went to doctor with him but Dr said he hadn’t lost much weight he lost 3 dress sizes had to get new clothes that’s alit to me, both Dr and hubby said lost wasn’t much. Eventually his coughing was investigated properly after 30 years of coughing, was to late, did one biopsie, then another just spread quickly like a fungus. If had been investigated sooner may still be here now. Dr’s are not investigating quick enough.

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