MitoQ is a type of CoQ10 supplement. CoQ10 is naturally produced by the body to heal our mitochondria. Mitochondria are tiny cellular structures which turn the nutrients in our food into a form our cells can use – they generate 90 percent of our energy.

Our mitochondria start to decline from the age of 30 onwards. MitoQ is a form of CoQ10 that can concentrate in the mitochondria therefore healing them.

Previously, the focus of development and direction of CoQ10 antioxidant supplements has been to combat disease. But now sportspeople and those who coach them are picking up on how MitoQ improves performance, says Paul.

“This substance improves how our mitochondria power our cells. It makes it produce more regardless of what age you are, and what we believe is of potential benefit for athletes of all ages and abilities, is that it can affect your energy levels and how much energy you actually produce.”

A colleague recommended MitoQ to Paul.

“And so I tried it and experimented with my own training and different dosing and noticed my ability to recovery from training and exercise economy noticeably improved.

“As a 47-year-old I found I could recover quicker, and train with higher intensity when required. From a physiological point of view, I was handling more load than normal. An athlete I coach also used MitoQ in his build up to Coast to Coast 2019. We noticed a similar trend towards increased economy and improved recovery.”

Paul Cadman’s coaching clinic is called Elevate Coaching. He coaches a broad spectrum of men and women athletes who compete at all levels across a variety of endurance sports.

His background as a competitor across a number of sports, coupled with his BBS majoring in Sports Management, Graduate Certificate in Holistic Performance Nutrition and being Ironman University qualified was simultaneously augmented by his corporate work.

“A lot of what I did in my corporate work from Xerox to Lion Breweries involved coaching people on how to perform better in their work.”

While working part-time and parenting the family’s son, Paul decided on a change in direction and started coaching.

“I liken my coaching to a holistic one-stop shop. If you’re not healthy with high levels of wellbeing your chances of athletic success are diminished.”

He updates his blog regularly about everything from the value of beetroot juice in an athlete’s diet to new books on growing your mindset.

Paul has been running tests on athletes using the MitoQ at the AUT Millennium laboratory in Albany.

“I’ve been running physiological tests so we can understand the make-up of an individual and how they’re performing. We run the tests, put them on MitoQ, get them to follow a six-week training programme and they take the same tests with big improvements in numbers.

The increase in the VO2 max tests we’re running … they’re overwhelmingly positive. When other people hear the results they say ‘Come again? Wow, that’s impressive!’

“We don’t quite understand why it makes such a difference so that’s exciting too. It could be that it is increasing the number of mitochondria…we just don’t quite know yet and that’s exciting too.”

Paul is now getting some clients to try “acute dosages”.

“If a race is coming up, I give them a higher dose for three or four days before a race. We get you up to speed then dial back to a maintenance dose.”

Athletes in the United States have cottoned onto the magic that is MitoQ – with Spartan CrossFit among others advocating its use. And currently Auckland University is conducting a study on its efficacy for athletes.

Paul says through his clients and networks he is building up a body of evidence and believes MitoQ could benefit far more sportspeople than just endurance athletes.

“It could be of benefit to cricketers and rugby players to sportspeople across the board.”


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