A new strategic framework for New Zealand’s dementia community was recently launched by Alzheimers New Zealand, replacing and building on the National Dementia Strategy 2010-2015.

Dementia: A Strategic Framework has five major goals hinging on the shared vision of “towards a world without dementia”.

The new framework took a year to develop and involved consultation with organisations across the New Zealand dementia community, including service providers, health and social services professionals as well as local Alzheimers organisations.

Alzheimers New Zealand chair, Susan Hitchiner, described the new framework as “demanding and future-focused”, providing the direction required to meet the current and future challenges of dementia.

There are estimated to be around 53,000 people in New Zealand currently with dementia, and forecasts indicate this number will triple to around 150,000 by 2050.

“There is a lot to be done if we are to meet this challenge, and the solutions are both large and complex. Working together collectively as a sector is critical if we are to address this challenge and improve the lives of people affected by dementia,” says Hitchiner.

The full framework is available at www.alzheimers.org.nz.


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