While interRAI might have seemed arduous to get off the ground initially, the data summaries from the interRAI assessments are now proving very useful in terms of articulating trends concerning the care of New Zealand’s older population.

As a result, health professionals are increasingly keen to use interRAI summaries to help inform their processes and care delivery decisions.

Fortunately for these health professionals a new e-learning programme from interRAI Services will soon be available to enable them to engage with interRAI assessment data.

The interRAI education team is currently developing an e-learning programme for health professionals wanting to use and understand information captured in interRAI assessments.

The programme is designed for health professionals who access interRAI assessments completed by others to inform their service delivery.

The e-learning programme is expected to help a wider group of health practitioners understand interRAI assessments and will be released later in the year.

Chair of interRAI NZ Governance Board Cathy Cooney says the programme was driven by demand in the sector.

“The demand from health professionals wanting to use interRAI assessment summaries as part of their daily work is increasing. We are developing online learning to improve our efficiency and enable more health practitioners to make use of interRAI assessments.”

She says it will be available to a broad range of health professionals.

“They will need to request e-learning and be supported through it. Completion of the learning module is required before we enable access to interRAI assessment information.”

“We are testing our first e-learning module at the moment and expect to make it widely available for health professionals who want to use and understand interRAI information later in the year,” says Cooney.


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