New Zealand’s aged care and retirement industry’s most respected go-to publication has had a makeover.

INsite, the aged care and retirement magazine published by NZME. Educational Media, has recently undergone a transformation as it has discontinued its quarterly print issues in favour of a slick new website updated daily with content. Weekly email blasts sent to a sizeable and rapidly growing subscriber base are proving immensely popular with the readership.

The new website went live this week, splicing together the latest news and opinion, hard-hitting feature articles, profile pieces and industry need-to-know info, such as upcoming conferences, new products and suppliers.

INsite editor Jude Barback is delighted with the feedback she has received about the revamped publication.

“We know the sector really values INsite, but in its print format it simply wasn’t keeping pace with all that is happening in the industry. The new online format allows it to be fleet of foot and deliver the content that readers need and want, when they need and want it.”

INsite’s readership base spans from rest home and retirement village operators to clinical staff and community support services providers. It reaches central and local government agencies and anyone with a vested interest in the health and wellbeing of New Zealand’s older people.

Being an election year, INsite is currently addressing some big policy issues affecting New Zealand’s aged care providers including equal pay, funding levels and end-of-life care provision.  Barback says some exclusive interviews are on the cards as well.

“It’s certainly an interesting time for industry publications as we see the shift towards online, and it’s particularly exciting to see INsite move with the times,” she says. “Aged care and retirement is such a growing industry – it is important it has a relevant and up-to-date publication to support it. The revamped INsite is just the ticket!”


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