‘Empiric’ is the first ‘home grown’ app on the Capital and Coast DHB’s app store and is being welcomed by those who prescribe antibiotic guidelines. It was developed by Infection Services with computer science students from the Victoria University of Wellington.

“‘Empiric’ is a user-friendly mobile platform that provides step-by-step guidance around prescribing antibiotics,” said former CCDHB Infectious Diseases registrar Dr Olivia Bupha-Intr.

“Not only does it allow those who prescribe antibiotics – doctors, nurse prescribers and pharmacists – to have our antibiotic guidelines at their fingertips, it also assists with clinical decision-making.”

Unlike other antibiotic guideline apps, ‘Empiric’ takes prescribers through a set of questions to produce a personalised – rather than generic – prescription recommendation. Features include options for when a patient has an allergy, if there is a risk of multi-drug resistant organism, and dosage calculators for the antibiotics vancomycin and gentamicin.

“‘Empiric’ is something we worked hard on and are very proud of,” said Infection Services clinical leader Dr Michelle Balm.

“Feedback on ‘Empiric’ has been resoundingly positive – doctors report that it is easy to use, and increases confidence around prescribing.

“Since it was launched it has been downloaded 700 times outside of CCDHB. It is being used at Hutt Valley, Wairarapa and Whanganui DHBs – and infection specialists around New Zealand and the Pacific Islands are also interested in adopting the ‘Empiric’ format for their antibiotic guidelines.”


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