Aged care providers are starting to see fruit for their efforts with interRAI, with assessment data now more accessible and user-friendly than ever.

A new data visualisation tool makes information about people receiving care at home or in aged residential care available and tangible for everyone.

New Zealand is the first country in the world where interRAI tools are used nationwide in both home-based care and aged residential care. It was made mandatory for providers to use interRAI, and while there have been considerable issues with implementation and training support, the emerging data and trends gives meaning and purpose to using the assessment tool.

Over the past two years, over 100,000 comprehensive clinical assessments were completed in community and aged residential care facilities across New Zealand. All that information is collected and aggregated to provide a picture of older people’s needs at DHB, region and all New Zealand level.

The interactive nature of the tool means users are in control of the information and can select the level of detail they desire.

Arguably one of the most useful aspects of the data visualisation tool is the ability for providers to drill down to the DHB level, allowing them to see how their assessment data compares with that from other parts of the country.

Indeed the tool will give users access to a wealth of data, which is already being used for policy development, research, service development, quality improvement and more.

interRAI Data Visualisation is complemented by the interRAI Services Annual Report with a special focus on people with dementia living at home. For this special feature experts analysed data from 35,000 Home Care assessments in 2016/17.

Access interRAI Data Visualisation and the Annual Report at


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