Eleven people have fallen sick to the nasty stomach bug norovirus at Whangarei Hospital

A likely norovirus outbreak ha affected 11 people at Whangarei Hospital and seen strict infection control measures put in place on a ward.

The viral gastroenteritis outbreak has been identified within Whangarei Hospital’s Ward One.

The outbreak, likely norovirus, has affected 11 patients who have been isolated to prevent other patients being infected. As a further precaution, the ward has been closed to new admissions and visiting is restricted and will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances over the weekend.

Strict infection control measures are in place to reduce the risk for other patients within the hospital, David Hammer, Clinical Microbiologist, said.

Dr Hammer said that norovirus is currently widespread in the community and urged members of the public with any gastroenteritis-like symptoms not to visit patients in hospital.”We are asking members of the public – if you are unwell or have been around people who have been unwell – please do not visit the hospital for at least 48 hours,” he said.

Norovirus symptoms include vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach pains and feeling like throwing up.

Source: Northern Advocate


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