A North Dakota-based health care provider, Sanford Health, has announced it will open a general practice in central Auckland next month in partnership with local provider Omni Health.

Sanford Health is based in Sioux Falls, North Dakota and has 44 hospitals and nearly 300 clinics in nine American states and four countries.  Its international arm, Sanford World Clinic, is expanding into New Zealand and other countries this year resulting in it operating in nine countries including Costa Rica, Ireland, South Africa, China and Vietnam.

In a press release issued today Sanford’s international arm Sanford World Clinic said it would open a general practice clinic in February within Auckland’s central business district.  Omni Health currently has invested and is a partner in eight independent general practices – four in Auckland and others in Timaru, Napier, New Plymouth and Tuakau. The new practice in partnership with Sanford – Shortland Health in Central Auckland’s Shortland St – will be its ninth.

Kelby Grabbenhoft, president and CEO of Sanford Health said each of its international parnerships were unique in terms of their scope of service and type of agreement. The focus of the collaborations range from primary and pediatric care to research and health system operations.

“This is not something we are pursuing for financial gain, but we believe this type of collaboration will help further our mission of health and healing.”


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