Nursing sector professionals are feeling optimistic at the news that the Ministry of Health will, for the first time, financiallysupport the Nurse Practitioners New Zealand biannual conference at the same level as the GP’s conference.

The conference, to be held in Marlborough next month, will be attended by Minister of Health Dr David Clark. It will be the first time a Minister of Health has attended the conference.

College of Nurses executive director Professor Jenny Carryer says the funding and the Minister’s presence indicate greater recognition of the value Nurse Practitioners add to the healthcare sector.

“We are seeing some degree of moving on from older ways of doing things and historical vested interests.

“There’s a greater realisation that we can’t keep pinning our hopes on the general practitioner workforce,” she says.

Carryer attributes changing attitudes to the new leadership under Minister of Health, David Clark and Director-General of Health, Ashley Bloomfield, who both appear more interested in promoting equity in healthcare.

“I’m feeling optimistic,” says Carryer.

In addition to providing a forum for networking and clinical learning, the NPNZ conference is expected to help refocus the journey of Nurse Practitioners in New Zealand.

“It is over 20 years since Nurse Practitioners entered the New Zealand health scene and they have gone from the absolute unknown to a well-accepted, very competent, skilled and growing workforce,” says conference convenor Di Williams.

The conference is open to all levels of prescribing practitioners – NPs, GPs, RNs, Pharmacists, nurses interested in working to the top of their scope, as well as managers and employers wanting to learn more about a nurse practitioner working within their team.

The conference organisers are delighted to confirm that the “NPNZ Revolution” activities have been endorsed by The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP) and have been approved for up to 6.5 CME credits for Day 2 of the conference and 6 CME credits for Day 3 of the conference, for the General Practice Educational Programme (GPEP) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) purposes.

To enable GPs to share the fabulous learning opportunities NPNZ  has  created a  special ‘GP 24hr Pass’ to attend all concurrent sessions on Thursday and Friday as well as one catered lunch.

“This is a first for NPNZ to be recognised at this level. NPNZ are hoping ‘Top of the South’ GPs will make the most of this opportunity on their doorstep and welcome GPs from anywhere nationally who are looking for short break to combine education and some time out to re-energise in Marlborough,” says Williams.

The NPNZ 2019 conference will be held from 10-12 April in Marlborough. More information, including registration can be found here.


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