The New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) is calling out irresponsible marketing by Coca Cola.

The 18 can pack cases sold in supermarkets says ‘share a Coke’ and features the word ‘Bub’ and ‘Mum’ on images of cans on the packaging.

NZDA Sugary Drinks Spokesperson Dr Rob Beaglehole has come out swinging, taking shots at the drinks multinational, as well as the supermarkets stocking the products.

“To suggest or even worse encourage mums to share coke with their ‘ bub’  is an irresponsible, and I think offensive move from Coca Cola. They are not making any headway on responsible messaging.

As someone who has had to extract many teeth from ‘bubs’ and is also aware that some babies’ drink bottles have been filled with Coca Cola, it is heartbreaking to see this,” says Dr Beaglehole.

“The supermarkets, both Countdown and New World, need to take some responsibility for stocking what they must be able to see as a misguided, if not outright reckless, marketing move.”

The NZDA is calling on Coca Cola to do the right thing and recall the products. And are also calling on the two large supermarket chains to refuse to sell these products.


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