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With programmes that are NZQA approved, internationally recognised and supported under the pay equity settlement, Health and Wellbeing Programme Manager Mandi Smith is passionate about the extensive support that students receive during their Level 3 or Level 4 studies with NZTC.

While students are spread across the country, the support they receive is just as strong for those living in Kaitaia in the North Island to those living in Dunedin in the South Island.

“The NZTC Team works really hard to maintain good relationships with students all over New Zealand and has a great way of communicating with them,” Mandi said.

Studying through NZTC Online enables students to study from anywhere and at any time and students will be successful using the college’s unique online learning platform if they know basics such as sending an email, accessing a website, and uploading or downloading files.

NZTC’s Health and Wellbeing lecturers support students throughout their studies with many other support teams available to them, including Academic Skills Support, IT Help Desk, Pastoral Support, and a library that students can access from anywhere in New Zealand.

“Gaining a Health and Wellbeing qualification not only impacts the life of the student, but also the lives of the people that they care for. We often go out to do workplace assessments and get to meet the clients, and the most amazing thing about that is that clients tell us how amazing our students are,” Mandi said.

Students can reach out to their lecturers using email, phone, e-messaging through NZTC Online and even Zoom, and students located in the Auckland or Canterbury regions are encouraged to drop into campus anytime as the team welcome face-to-face communication.

“NZTC has amazing values that we instill into our programmes – the values of Vision, Heart, Competence and Spirit. So, students don’t just gain a degree of knowledge but they also graduate exuding those values. NZTC is committed to our students and hopes to instill a love of lifelong learning that will benefit the clients they care for.”

You can hear more from NZTC Health and Wellbeing Programme Manager Mandi Smith here. To learn more about NZTC’s Health and Wellbeing Programmes, visit here.

Caption (L-R): New Zealand Tertiary College Health and Wellbeing Lecturer Helen Hegley, Manager Mandi Smith and Lecturer Joy Radford.


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