NZ Seniors Party Chairperson PAUL REA says we can expect to see MPs vying for public attention in the lead-up to the General Election this year.

I watched with interest the news this week and saw Paula Bennett our Deputy Prime Minister pressing the flesh with some tourists in Kaikoura. Then I saw Winston Peters dropping into Greymouth to talk to the families of the miners that were lost in the 2010 Pike River mine disaster. Then on Monday I saw Andrew Little talking to those same families on the barricade on the road up to the mine telling them he would propose a law change to take liability away from Solid Energy to allow a recovery effort to retrieve the bodies of the 29 miners.

Where I sympathise with those families who lost loved ones in this disaster and cannot imagine the pain and suffering they have experienced as a result, I do not believe any of them would want any other families to experience the same suffering should more lives be lost in an effort to retrieve the remains of their loved ones.

These miners worked together and died together, it is time to let them rest in peace together and not risk any other lives trying to retrieve their remains. The families of these miners are being used by politicians for nothing else but political gain in what is an election year. Making statements like Winston Peters made that he would be the first one into the mine is nothing but hot air and as for changing the law to facilitate a recovery effort, Andrew Little should be ashamed of himself for even making this suggestion.

This is only the beginning of what is to come this election year; if there is a gathering of people anywhere in the country you will see our MPs turn up for a photo opportunity in an effort to get themselves re-elected. Can the voting public of this country not see through this charade and see it for what it really is or are they too apathetic to care?

These politicians, elected by ordinary people like you and me, are responsible for the current situation the country is in today. Immigration at record numbers, house prices out of control and out of reach of ordinary New Zealanders, prison numbers one of the highest per capita in the world, pensioners living on the bread line, the list goes on.

New Zealand Seniors Party was formed to try and affect change in New Zealand not only for seniors but for everyone. We believe in honesty, transparency and accountability, traits that seem to have been lost on our current government and MPs across all parties. I urge all New Zealanders to think long and hard on who they vote for in the upcoming election – do you want the same old political parties promising you the earth but delivering nothing or do you want a fresh new approach to help bring New Zealand back to the country it once was?


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