Chair of the New Zealand Seniors Party (NZSP), PAUL REA, outlines three of the party’s major concerns in the run-up to the General Election.

One of our key concerns coming into this election is the growing racial divide and reverse apartheid that is taking place in New Zealand as a direct result of the race-based political policies. It seems that nothing can be done in New Zealand now without Maori involvement, there is even talk of Maori being involved in the Americas Cup defence in four years’ time. Emirates Team New Zealand represent all New Zealanders so why do Maori want to be involved? NZSP believe we are all New Zealanders no matter what ethnic background we come from and until we can all accept this we cannot move forward as a nation.

Another key concern is immigration numbers and the flow on effect it has on our housing and infrastructure. There are simple not enough houses to cope with the influx of people coming into the country. We simply cannot keep up with the demand and it is the everyday Kiwi that is suffering. Young Kiwis cannot afford to buy houses as prices are being pushed up out of their reach by cashed-up immigrants. The pressure on our medical services and hospitals is at breaking point with doctors and staff working unrealistic hours to try and keep up with the demand. Getting a doctor’s appointment can take up to three or four weeks resulting in people turning up at A&E around the country for treatment. NZSP believe immigration needs to be curtailed until infrastructure catches up with current demands.

Last but not least is our education system, there is a shortage of teachers in the Auckland region as well as throughout the country. Teachers simply cannot afford to work and live in places like Auckland with average house prices now over the 1 million dollar mark. With the city growing in population similar in number to that of Tauranga every three years, this problem is only going to get worse. We even hear of child minders being proposed for some schools due to this shortage. This is a situation that needs sorted out sooner than later as our children’s education is on the line. The future of New Zealand is our kids so why gamble on their education.

The system needs a complete overhaul to find a better way forward in the education of our children. Ways to attract more teachers into the teaching profession with the necessary funding to provide them with the tools and resources to teach our future generations of New Zealanders.

Our education system used to be the envy of the world, but look at it now. It is under-staffed, under-resourced with teachers who are underpaid. If this is permitted to continue on the current track it speaks volumes to the future of New Zealand and our next generations. In a knowledge-based society, the question is: does New Zealand want to be out in the front or do they want to be left behind by the rest of the world? The decision is in the hands of voters at the coming election and we urge you to vote wisely as the future of New Zealand and our children depend on it.


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