Kiwi medical and healthcare professionals could find themselves providing life-saving care to people in war-torn places like Sudan, thanks to a new international volunteer fellowship programme.

The Aurora Fellowship programme will see 15 volunteers selected from around the world to assist people in areas of extreme hardship in Sudan, South Sudan, and Kenya. It was designed to provide opportunities for highly skilled health professionals to bring care to the most marginalised and hard-to-reach communities in the world.

The new fellowship was established in honour of renowned humanitarian Dr Tom Catena, the 2017 Laureate of the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity. Catena was honoured for his courageous work as the first and only permanent medical doctor serving 750,000 people in Sudan’s war-torn, Nuba Mountains, where he has served since 2008.

Dr. Tom, as he is affectionately known in Sudan, designated three key partners to share the $1 million dollar prize, including CMMB, who have launched the Aurora Fellowship programme.

One successful volunteer will have the opportunity to work alongside Catena in the Mother of Mercy Hospital in Sudan where he is the medical director.

To be eligible for selection, candidates must be at least 21 years old, have a current practising certificate, have a minimum of three years’ relevant experience as well as prior volunteer experience. They must also demonstrate their experience in serving marginalised communities or individuals.

Candidates should be prepared for a minimum of six months of overseas service, and preference will be given to volunteers who can serve longer (up to one year). Successful candidates will receive a round-trip airfare to and from the placement site, accommodation, insurance and a monthly stipend.

Full eligibility criteria and details can be found here: 

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