Yesterday (Sunday, September 8) was World Physiotherapy Day and New Zealand’s professional physiotherapy body is calling on the government and medical practitioners to promote this proven alternative to prescription drugs.

“The devastating consequences of opioid use are already well publicised internationally – and New Zealand is no different,” says PNZ’s Chief Executive Sandra Kirby.

Physiotherapy is a more effective treatment of non-malignant pain and doesn’t carry the addiction risk of painkillers.

“Apart from the health benefits, such a refocus could allow Pharmac to invest in other areas where taxpayer money could be much better spent.

“As part of a multi-disciplinary approach, physiotherapy has been proven to help manage chronic pain conditions. New Zealand’s health system should be funding physio treatments for chronic pain. And we should also be educating patients so they can make more informed decisions about their health choices and how they can better manage chronic pain.”

One in six New Zealanders suffer from a chronic pain condition, such as back or neck pain. This is persistent pain that occurs every day for at least six months.

“All too often people are prescribed painkillers when other solutions such as physio treatment, combined with tailored physical activity advice, is readily available.

“Solutions focusing on opioids for managing pain simply mask people’s physical problems without actually addressing them. That needs to change.”



  1. Such interesting reading I work in the healthcare environment and yes I agree that physio should come more often to facilities. Elderly love life. They don’t want to be drugged up or Guinea pigs for pharmaceutical. Medication stops them from eating therefore they get tired and end up giving up on life. Give funds for more physiotherapy, Pedicare, Manicure, because this is where they are in their life.


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