The map below is coloured based on the number of hospitalisations of children due to poverty-related diseases. For more background read Childhood diseases in the land of milk and poverty and Damp, overcrowded homes bigger threat to kids than car accidents. Tap or hover over an area to see more.

Hospitalisation rate

Poverty-related hospitalisations from 2000 to 2016 per child



Disease Hospitalisations Respiratory Housing Crowding
Dental (dental caries, pulp, peridontal) 103,223 no no no
Otitis media (ear infection) 101,365 no yes yes
Bronchiolitis 81,972 yes yes yes
Asthma and wheeze 72,589 yes yes yes
Gastroenteritis 63,048 no no yes
Acute upper respiratory tract infection excluding croup 55,413 yes yes yes
Childhood Pneumonia 49,861 yes yes yes
Skin infections (cellulitis) 49,651 no yes no
Viral infection of unspecified site 45,495 no no yes
Urinary tract infection 19,129 no no no
Croup, acute laryngitis, tracheitis 15,184 no no yes
Constipation 14,332 no no no
Dermatitis and eczema 9,702 no no no
Febrile convulsions 7,620 no yes no
Gastro oesophageal reflux 7,247 no no no
Osteomyelitis 4,148 no no no
Viral/other/unspecified meningits 3,666 no no no
Bronchiectasis 2,976 yes yes yes
Meningococcal disease 2,640 no yes yes
Rheumatic fever 2,556 yes yes yes
Nutritional deficiencies or anaemias 1,215 no no no
Bacterial meningitis 1,149 no yes yes
Tuberculosis 298 yes yes yes
GAS sepsis 137 no yes yes


The housing and crowding columns indicate whether a disease is aggravated by poor quality housing or over-crowded living conditions.



  • Disease classifications were based on research by Philippa Anderson, Elizabeth Craig, Gary Jackson, Catherine Jackson
  • Dr Nevil Pierse from Otago University provided the crowding classifications
  • Hospitalisations data was acquired under the Official Information Act from the Ministry of Health
  • The NZDep2013 Index of Deprivation from Otago University was used. A deprivation of 1 is low and 10 is high
  • All other data is from Statistics New Zealand


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