Audio: Pharmac have said they are looking into funding the drug. AIDS Foundation operations director Joe Rich talks to Mike Hosking

A big day in the fight against HIV in New Zealand.

Pharmac has announced its planning to fund the HIV prevention drug PrEP. The drug reduces the risk of catching HIV in unprotected sex by 90 per cent.

Last year there was a record number of new diagnoses in New Zealand.

But AIDS Foundation operations director Joe Rich told Mike Hosking this drug will go a long way in reaching the foundation’s goals.

“It’s what we would call a milestone moment. We’re on a pretty serious mission to end the transmission of HIV in this country by 2025, and this is definitely one of the tools that’s going to help us get there.”

Rich said this will offer another option for those wanting to engage in safe sex.

“Staying safe is definitely still one of the key messages and this provides a new way for people that can stay safe. We know that condoms are effective, now we have a daily pill that’s also effective.”

Source: Newstalk ZB


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