A spat between New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) and seniorshousing.co.nz, the organisation behind online publication NZ Aged Care Housing Weekly, has raised questions about an upcoming seminar organised by seniorshousing.co.nz.

The NZACA recently published an article entitled ‘Dodgy Seminars? NZ Aged Care Housing Weekly’ in its weekly newsletter In Touch, advising its members against attending seniorhousing.co.nz’s seminar ‘Trends In Over 50s Housing’, scheduled to be held in Auckland on 5 December this year.

NZ Aged Care Housing Weekly refuse to say who is speaking, even though the seminar is in early December. They told us they use a ‘panel of experts’. But they refuse to say who these experts are or who has presented in past seminars. They cannot even tell us what venue they have booked,” NZACA’s In Touch article said.

The article went on to say, “Our opinion is that it would be unwise to send any money to NZ Aged Care Housing Weekly for anything and to steer away from their seminars altogether.”

Ann, a member of the publication team for NZ Aged Care Housing Weekly, told INsite she thought the NZACA article was “fairly defamatory”.

“I think people will see through drivel. The seminar is there for all to see. We’ve got a lot of attendees.”

However, Ann was unable to provide any information on the speakers or venue, and she did not know when this information would be released. She said she was awaiting comment from the editorial department on that matter. However, despite repeated requests from INsite, no response has yet been forthcoming.

The seniorshousing.co.nz site says the seminar will be presented by “an international aged care housing researcher” described as “the foremost authority worldwide on seniors housing trends”.

The site appears to be linked to seniorshousing sites in other countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia. According to these sites, almost identical seminars, also named ‘Trends In Over 50s Housing’, are planned for Melbourne on 7 November and London on 18 November this year.

The UK site provides information on the primary speaker for seniorshousing. It states, “Esmonde Crawley is an Editor of Over 50s Housing journals and websites in 10 countries, including Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, and Germany.”

It outlines that Mr Crawley has been “researching, writing and lecturing on Over 50s Housing for 26 years” and spends 10 months a year “visiting newly opened projects, interviewing buyers and occupants, and following up news leads in the UK/Europe (4 months), the Americas (4 months), and the Antipodes (2 months)”.

Based on this information, it could be inferred that Esmonde Crawley could be the main presenter at the New Zealand seminars, but INsite was unable to confirm this, despite repeated requests.


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