Calls have been reignited for an inquiry into pension portability.

Paul Rea, former chair of the New Zealand Seniors’ Party, says that before Labour came into government it had pushed for such an inquiry. However due to “prevailing fiscal constraints” and other considerations, the Social Services Select Committee opted against it at the time.

“The question must be asked of the now Labour Government why is this inquiry not being initiated by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern?” says Rea. “Could it be because the Government might find they will lose the over half a billion dollars a year that they currently steal from self-funded retirement immigrant pensioners savings if this inquiry is initiated?”

Rea has been campaigning for the removal of Section 70 of the Social Security Act 1964 to ensure all New Zealand Super applicants will retain their overseas pensions without any deduction.

Minister for Social Development Carmel Sepuloni says it is a complex issue and Rea and other pensioners will have to continue their wait for answers.

“I have asked Ministry of Social Development officials to look at certain aspects of the New Zealand Superannuation including the direct deduction policy and to report back to me later this year.

“At that stage, I will have a better understanding of the impact any change may have on particular superannuitant groups.”


  1. Why is it that the Minister for Social Development Carmel Sepuloni refuses to have any dialogue with me? She sent me an email saying she does not like the tone and will not reply to any further emails. Who does she think she is? She is supposedly working for us the people of New Zealand to hell with not liking my tone her problem is she has no answer for the truth. All she and the Labour government are doing is filibustering to prevent any discussion on the subject of S70 in parliament. She has indicated that the committee formed to look at pensions will report back to her t the end of the year but by the time they do all MP’s will be on Christmas break and parliament will be in recess for the holidays. This is the sort of deceitful politicians and delaying tactics they use to stop anything being done and these are the people we have running the country. Why are they not doing anything about S70 – simply put immigrant pensioners are a cash cow for the government and they cannot afford to lose $500 million a year that they currently steal from the immigrant pensioners. S70 has been the most toxic subject in parliament for many years in both the National and Labour-run governments but still, they refuse to do anything about it despite the number of those affected growing on a daily basis as the baby boomer generation retire. It is time to front up and make a decision, This is our money saved out of our wages with no government input, unlike Kiwi Saver that is exactly the same but with government input. What would happen I wonder if Kiwi Saver was deducted from the NZ Super would Kiwis put up with this happening? All we want is a level playing field with the same rules for everyone, no immigrant pensioner wants 2 pensions all we only want our own money saved out of our wages nothing else.

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