Today’s planned strike by ACC medical advisors is off after reaching a pay deal with ACC and the news that no doctors will be made redundant under a restructuring proposal.

Last month the 39 senior doctors covered by an Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS)  collective agreement took two half-day strikes over a stalemate in their talks with ACC over pay and conditions including redundancy provisions.  But talks had resumed and ACC has confirmed that it has reached an agreement with ASMS over the collective contract which is expected to be ready for going to a ratification vote shortly.

ACC in May had also announced a clinical services restructuring proposal to cut the medical advisory team from 36.4 full-time equivalents (FTE) to 30 while increasing the numbers of non-medical clinical advisors – the results were expected at the end of July.

Lloyd Woods, an ASMS senior industrial officer, said it had been agreed that no medical advisors would have their positions disestablished and instead ACC would use a sinking lid policy to reduce the number of medical advisors over time.

“Consultation is continuing, meanwhile, on other aspects of ACC’s restructuring proposal.” An ACC spokesperson said today that the restructuring proposal was still being worked through. “Feedback has closed but we are now considering the feedback and it will be a couple more weeks before things are finalised,” said the spokesperson.

Woods said ACC “dragging its heels” on the pay talks and restructuring had caused a great deal of worry and stress for his members but the recent talks had been “very useful”.  He said the talks had led to an outcome members “appeared to find acceptable” and it would be put out to a members’ ballot.


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