Following the caregiver pay equity settlement, there was some resentment among nurses and domestic staff that their pay hadn’t increased alongside that of their caregiver colleagues. After the settlement, many caregivers at Level 4 were paid close to what many aged care nurses were paid – which some members of the nursing community, and many aged care providers, felt was unfair.

However, Ryman Healthcare has taken steps to rectify this by unveiling a pay rise for its nursing staff.

Dr David Kerr, Chair of Ryman Healthcare, told shareholders at the company’s annual meeting at Possum Bourne Retirement Village today that last year’s pay rises for caregivers had been well deserved, and it had become apparent that a substantial increase for nurses and other village staff was also due.

Kerr says the new pay rates make Ryman one of the highest payers in the industry.

“This reset is likely to cost an additional $5 million this financial year and is over and above the 2% increase in Government funding for aged care – this is an investment in people that we are happy to make.”

Kerr said full time village staff had also benefited from a doubling in their sick leave allowance, including wellness days. Weekend allowances for nurses had also been doubled.



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