The nine months before birth is a physical process that the average person knows plenty about, at least in theory. But what can a woman expect from the emotional and social rollercoaster that accompanies bringing new life into the world? A team at the University of Waikato’s School of Psychology aims to support women as they find their own answers to these questions with the launch of a new app, Positively Pregnant.

The app provides mums to-be with positive psychology tools and activities that are aimed to promote wellness and ease the transition into early parenting. It also serves as a one-stop shop for handy information.

One section of the app, titled Know Yourself, allows users to provide personal information that enables the app to customise to their needs. The other three sections headed Do Something, Conversations and Find Out break down its interface so that users know where to go for specific queries and support. Research based guidance is available on topics ranging from healthy development, through to coping with stress and the unique challenges associated with pregnancy. Post-natal life is also factored in.

Dr Carrie Cornsweet Barber, who has been leading the project since its conception, cited her own experience as significant motivation for conducting the necessary research.

User feedback has so far been positive. With over one hundred downloads and a pilot study backing its development, this pocket pregnancy guide has proven helpful to many New Zealand women already. Further updates have been planned, with several extensions in the pipeline.

For a full review of the app click here.

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