CamScanner: really, really handy! You use your phone camera to scan a document (a recipe, photo, receipt you need for reimbursement…). You can edit the document and store it, or email it to yourself or someone else, print it, upload it, fax it…as a txt file, a jpg or a pdf. This is an awesome app.

CamCard: is from the same company. You scan business cards, then it takes the information and stores it as a file – name, numbers, addresses, emails etc. Once they are in the file, you can just phone, email or get directions to the address from the CamCard. Always check that it’s translated correctly – there is often some editing to do, but it’s worth it to have all your business cards stored on your phone rather than a hard file in your desk.

eWallet: this is where I store vital information: passwords, details of passport, security numbers, vehicle details (rego & VIN numbers), books I’ve lent out, membership details, bank account numbers, insurance details, and much, much more. It’s a secure app – password protected but I never store bank passwords on it…I’m a little paranoid about any written record of banking passwords…

FOK Recipes: I eat a plant-based diet so I’m always looking for easy recipes. I make choices about what we’re going to have for dinner in the supermarket! Easy shopping and easy to decide what to cook.

Well Child App: this is the free app we developed at Nelson Marlborough District Health Board based on the Well Child Book. I don’t have children but I’ve shared this many times with parents who can log in their child’s details and progress. It reminds when checks and vaccinations are due. And you’ve always got your phone so always have your child’s details with you.

ReDo: has all my packing lists so I don’t leave things behind! I’ve got categories for Planning, Documents, Electronics (chargers and adapters), and perhaps most important Aeroplane–Bag!

Shazam: I’m always looking to add to my playlists (usually my running music). Press the button, hold the phone as close to the speaker as possible and – with luck – you’ll have the name of the song and artist so will be able to buy and download right away.

Time Logger: If like me, you have more than one workplace or job, this app helps you keep tabs on how much time you spend on each. Log the hours as you go, and it totals them for the week. I found this really helped me to be more efficient too – once I’d started a clock going, I did all the work that related to it before logging off. Focusing on one job at a time proved to be very efficient!

Annette Milligan is the founder of Nelson’s INP Medical Clinic (formerly known as the Independent Nursing Practice).


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