It’s not every day you talk to an American Ninja Warrior finalist.

“In fact, I’ll be on TV in two hours here,” says Rose Wetzel casually, when I quiz her on this particular CV highlight.

Prior to our phone interview, the 37-year-old American had been described to me as a “crazy, amazing superwoman” and as we chat, I begin to see why. American Ninja Warrior finalist, Washington State running champion, Spartan Races adventurer, personal trainer – and also mother and wife.

There is no denying Rose is indeed a breed of superwoman – she ran a Spartan Race (Spartan is the global brand leader in obstacle course races) just two months after having a baby – but she’s also the ‘everywoman’ faced with the struggles and juggles of everyday life that consume all busy working parents.

The key, says Rose, is to find a way to pursue your passion – whatever it is – amidst the hustle and bustle of life in order to be the best version of yourself.

She’s excited at the prospect of New Zealand’s first-ever Spartan Race and hopes people will take up the challenge. The event, comprising a range of races with varying distances and obstacles to conquer, will be held 2–4 August at Ellerslie Racecourse in Auckland.

Do what you love

But whether it’s adventure racing or acrobatics, Rose believes it’s important to set aside time for yourself to do what you love.

“For me, my passion just happens to be racing. But for someone else that might be setting aside time to play the French horn, or to garden, or do pottery,” she says.

“Self-care is important in order to be the best parent, sister, daughter, husband, son you can be.”

For Rose, self-care includes a mix of exercise, nutrition, and more recently, supplements.
“As we get older, even if we’re working out really hard and we’re eating well and we’re doing all the right things, we can’t fight time. I’ve found that we need a third prong to support our bodies and that is supplementation. And that is taking the best of what nature and science has and concentrating it down so that we are getting in everything we can to support our active lifestyles.”

Rose points to the benefits she’s started seeing after taking MitoQ, a supplement designed to increase energy levels and combat risk of disease as the cells in our bodies naturally start to wane.

“When I’m taking MitoQ I’m able to truly explore what I’m capable of physically and work out to the degree that I’m capable of mentally,” she says.

“It gives me confidence to push myself to the max in my workouts knowing that I’m supporting my body with nutrition and supplementation.”

And by getting the most out of her exercise, Rose is able to spend more quality time with her family.

“It’s very exciting because I only have so much time that I want to spend away from my daughter training. And so I want to make that time count. I don’t have time for injuries. I want to maximise time, train hard, spend time with my daughter and live my fullest life.”

Biology lesson

What are mitochondria?

We’re all made up of trillions of cells, but the real power lies within our cells in the mitochondria, tiny power stations that produce the energy we need to live. Mitochondria wear down as we get older, producing less power – which causes all sorts of challenges to our health.

When mitochondria produce energy, they create a by-product called free radicals –
tiny rogue atoms that travel freely until they collide with something – and the antioxidant CoQ10 to control the free radicals.

As mitochondria weaken, the production of CoQ10 lessens and the free radicals run out of control and escape into our cells, creating the potential for all sorts of damage and exposing us to innumerable health conditions, including those most costly to life.

It’s a natural process and nothing could be done about it, until now.

What is MitoQ?

MitoQ is a supplement containing a world-first molecule that can enter mitochondria hundreds of times more effectively than any other CoQ10 supplement, helping to restore the natural ability of the mitochondria to contain free radicals and perform optimally. Cells have more power, increased resilience and our risk of disease is lowered.



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