Rest home visitors and staff are being encouraged to complete a survey about the complaints process for residential aged care facilities.

The Ministry of Health along with aged care providers, the Health & Disability Commission, District Health Boards, and the Health Quality Safety Commission have developed a survey to better understand what issues people encounter when they have concerns around rest home care.

“This survey has been circulated from work that is being carried out by the Aged Care Complaints group,” says New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) chief executive Simon Wallace. “This group was formed by the Ministry of Health in relation to a growing number of complaints. The group is looking to make to complaints process easier for all who may use the system.”

“We are seeking feedback from a wide range of people,” states HealthCERT manager Susan Murphy. “We encourage residents of rest homes who have wanted to complain or made a complaint to provide their feedback on the process.”

Family members, staff and visitors are also encouraged to engage in the process.

The survey is anonymous and feedback will be used to inform workshops that are being held late  November. All of the survey and workshop feedback will help improve how complaints are handled in aged care facilities.


  1. What did the survey reveal about the various complaints processes currently available? It january 2020 and very little has changed in the way moh, dhb or hdc handle complaints, it’s still very scattered.

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