New Zealand Olympic pole-vaulter Eliza McCartney’s message to New Zealanders this November is to swap their sugary drinks for water.

Eliza is back as the face of the New Zealand Dental Association’s (NZDA) annual Switch to Water Challenge.

“This is a campaign that I’m really proud of – and one that I believe in. Demonstrating the benefits of choosing water over sugary drinks is very important.

For me, it is of course vital for training at my peak. But everyone will see some positive gains. With all the discussion about dental care recently, giving sugary drinks a miss – even for 30 days – is a great idea to improve oral health,” says Eliza.

NZDA President Dr Katie Ayers says it is important not to forget about the prevention of dental problems.  

“As a paediatric dentist I treat children both preventing and treating dental problems. I recommend that sugary drinks should be avoided to minimise the likelihood of tooth decay developing in both children and adults.

“Sugary drinks can cause cavities, and the acidity of those drinks is a factor in enamel erosion. I urge everyone to sign up to Switch to Water today. You may even see posters for this challenge at your local dentist,” says Dr Ayers. 



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