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Nurse Karla Arrieta reads to Claire (left) and Anna Hodgkinson at Royston Hospital, which has just received a donation of 100 teddy bears.

Only a select few are allowed into the theatre during surgery.

But at Royston Hospital teddy bears are on that list.

Royston received a donation of 100 teddy bears, which will be given to children having surgery at the hospital.

The bears give comfort to the children, and can be used by nurses to help explain procedures to the children.

“The nurses can put a little IV [intravenous] pad on, or show a little dressing, or just point out on the body, using the teddy bear, where their incision will be,” said Royston Hospital general manager Denise Primrose.

Colleen Hodgkinson understands how difficult it can be to have a child in hospital.

One of her daughters, Claire, has previously spent time in hospital.

“Every time, she is terrified, and kids can really relate to a teddy bear,” Hodgkinson said.

Claire and her sister, Anna, feature in a new book which, along with the teddy bears, will help children navigate their experience at hospital.

The book, My Royston Journey, by nurse Karla Arrieta, was released to coincide with the teddies arriving at Royston.

The bears were donated through the Surgical Trust’s Bear Project, and provided by Wellington based company Phil and Teds.

Surgical Trust trustee Julie Millar said it was lovely to be able to support the children.

“Children love the bears. We see the bears being cuddled as the child is being wheeled into the operating theatre,” Millar said.

Primrose said it was great to be able to offer the children some comfort when they arrived at hospital.

“To be able to give something tangible to young children, just to offer some comfort, is really fantastic.”

The project has previously donated to hospitals in Wellington, Christchurch and the Waikato.

Royston in the first hospital in Hawke’s Bay to be part of the project.

Source: Hawkes Bay Today


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