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The antioxidant CoQ10 is an endurance athlete’s best friend. It’s made in the body by cell powerhouses (the mitochondria) as part of the energy production process and also helps to protect the body from oxidative stress by building its own resilience. CoQ10 can be found in all cells, including those in muscles, heart and lungs.

The problem is that, as we age, levels of CoQ10 can naturally decline by around 10 percent each decade from the age of 30. And that means less power to power your performance.
Since around 90 percent of your body’s energy is made in your mitochondria, it stands to reason that if you’re wanting to protect that energy source, you need to start there.

Because it can be tricky to get enough CoQ10 from your diet (liver, anyone?), many people, including elite athletes, turn to CoQ10 supplements. The issue here is that the mitochondria have a tough double membrane that doesn’t allow many things to pass through, including regular CoQ10.

Scientific breakthrough

In the 1990s a team of scientists at The University of Otago invented a breakthrough form of CoQ10 called MitoQ that was cleverly engineered to be able to pass through the mitochondrial membrane, and take effect within the mitochondria to help boost levels of CoQ10 right where they’re needed, therefore helping with cellular energy.

CoQ10 to the power of 1,000

The world-first cellular supplement MitoQ is increasingly finding fans amongst athletes, from the pro to the semi-pro to the weekend warrior. Containing a form of CoQ10 that’s engineered to be able to get through the mitochondrial membrane, MitoQ is the world’s only supplement able to get inside the mitochondria at significant levels to help power them, and therefore your cells and you.

Delivering a low 5mg dose per capsule that’s able to penetrate the mitochondria at levels up to 1,000 times higher than regular CoQ10, MitoQ supports healthy energy levels, endurance, recovery, sleep quality, stress and mood, fatigue, mental focus and overall wellbeing.

Fit fans

More and more athletes and active people are discovering that MitoQ supplementation combined with a smart training programme can help with performance benefits.
How? By supporting cellular health and energy, it’s possible to increase training intensity and duration, and shorten the recovery periods between, enabling you to make incremental gains.

“We have been monitoring our athletes when using MitoQ,” says former triathlete, cyclist and footballer Paul Cadman, now a New Zealand endurance coach.
“They have an ability to absorb both acute and chronic training stress load. They seem to bounce back quickly and get out training again.MitoQ plus clever training equals optimum performance.”

MitoQ is also used by celebrity and pro-athlete personal trainer and LA Lakers’ Director of Strength and Endurance Gunnar Peterson; Spartan Obstacle Course pro-racer and American Ninja Warrior Rose Wetzel; World Masters Games Triathlon gold and open swim silver medallist Darragh Walsh; and sponsors Spartan Racing in the US, and the legendary K2 Cycle Classic in the Coromandel, known as the Southern Hemisphere’s toughest one-day cycle challenge.

“I take MitoQ because it’s part of my day,” explains Gunnar Peterson.
“MitoQ gets into the mitochondria, the energy powerhouse of the cell and does its job better so you can do your job better.

“If you’ve heard of CoQ10 and you know what CoQ10 does and how it helps break down free radicals in the body and get rid of them so that there’s less damage being done internally, picture MitoQ as the big brother that is a better quality, a higher level CoQ10 in your body.”

For more information, visit Mitoq.com.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. MitoQ Ltd, Auckland. TAPS #PP4946


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